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Information about Study

Astronomical Institute of the Charles University provides teaching for the students of the Master Study in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. Tuition begins in the summer term of the third year of the study with the introductory lectures on the foundations of astronomy and astrophysics. In the further study students attend lectures on stellar astrophysics, celestial motions, solar physics, cosmology, galactic astronomy and so on. The complete list of courses can be found at faculty web pages.

Particular image of the fields of research (international collaboration is very common) can be made if you look at the section Science or at the personal web pages of the staff. Inspiring can be also the list of diploma theses.

Because of a tight collaboration with Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASU AV CR) (see Collaboration Agreement between MFF UK a ASU AV CR and Executive Agreement about collaboration in accomplishment of the Doctoral Studies) students can work on their diploma thesis at any ASU AV CR department:

Stellar Physics Department
Working Group: Physics of Hot Stars
Working Group: Operating and Development of 2-m Telescope
Working Group: High-Energy Astrophysics

Solar Physics Department
Working Group: Physics of Solar Flares and Prominences
Working Group: Structure and Dynamics of Solar Atmosphere
Working Group: Heliosphere and Space Weather

Interplanetary Matter Department
Working Group: Meteor Physics
Working Group: Asteroids

Galaxies and Planetary Systems Department
Working Group: Physics of Galaxies
Working Group: Relativistic Astrophysics
Working Group: Planetary Systems

Current Offer of the Diploma and Bachelor Theses

Official list of all assignments, including those alredy assigned and defended, is at the Student Information System.

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