Reference Rożek et al. (2019)

ID 647
Bibcode 2019a&a...631a.149r
Author Rożek, A.; Lowry, S. C.; Nolan, M. C.; Taylor, P. A.; Benner, L. A. M.; Fitzsimmons, A.; Zegmott, T. J.; Weissman, P. R.; Green, S. F.; Rozitis, B.; Snodgrass, C.; Smythe, W. D.; Hicks, M. D.; Howell, E. S.; Virkki, A. K.; Aponte-Hernandez, B.; Rivera-Valentín, E. G.; Rodriguez-Ford, L. A.; Zambrano-Marin, L. F.; Brozović, M.; Naidu, S. P.; Giorgini, J. D.; Snedeker, L. G.; Jao, J. S.; Ghigo, F. D.
Author Short Rożek et al.
Year 2019
Title Shape model and spin-state analysis of PHA contact binary (85990) 1999 JV6 from combined radar and optical observations
Journal Astronomy and Astrophysics
Volume 631
Page A149
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