Release notes

2020-04-01 Old DAMIT version 2 switched off

The old DAMIT version 2 has been switched off. Old URLs are now redirected to DAMIT version 3.

2020-01-05 Sky-projection scaling bug fixed

We fixed the issue with scaling of the sky projection of models. The relative size of the models in the images is now correct; with the same scaling as in DAMIT version 2. Also the dimension of the generated images can now be changed. The allowed values range from 20 pixels to 6000 pixels.

We would like to thank to Dave Herald for reporting this scaling bug and also suggesting how to fix it.

2019-11-29 *lc.ref.txt files

Light curves can now be exported to *lc.ref.txt files, for example These files contain a list of all light curves belonging to a given asteroids. The first column gives the light curve serial number (this is not the unique light curve ID in the database); the second column gives the mean observation date or the range of dates for sparse light curves; the remainder of the line gives the references.

2019-11-03 More data in tables with models and tumblers

Basic tables with models and tumblers now contain additional links, including references. They appear in a popup when you click on the three dots in the column called More.

2019-10-31 New DAMIT version 3 released

A new major version 3 of DAMIT has been released. The most important changes include

See Documentation for details.

The old DAMIT version 2 is still available at but the models contained there will not be updated after 31 October 2019. The old DAMIT version 2 will be completely switched off after 31 March 2020.