Database of Asteroid Models from Inversion Techniques – more about DAMIT

This version of DAMIT is now deprecated and will be completely switched off after 31 March 2020. The models contained here will not be updated after 31 October 2019. Please start using the new DAMIT version 3 available at https://astro.troja.mff.cuni.cz/projects/damit.


Database – Export

Export the database into a text file.

Note that tumblers are not exported, because their database has different structure (columns).

  • Simple flush – contains only the following fields separated by spaces: asteroid id, asteroid number, model id, model id, model id, …
  • Extended flush – contains all fields, CSV format, encoding UTF-8 with the BOM; all values are double-quoted ("value"); the escape character is backslash (\), i.e. double quotation mark (") becomes \" and backslash (\) is doubled (\\)
  • References – exports the references table, CSV format as for the extended flush
  • Complete flush – TAR-GZIP archive that contains all the database flushes (simple, extended, references) and also all corresponding model files (e.g. SPIN, IAUspin, SHP, occ). Please note that the complete database flush can be up to one hour behind the current database state.