The Sverre Aarseth N-body meeting is a traditional meeting of scientists studying the stellar dynamics and evolution in self-gravitating systems. The main aim of the workshop is to bring people together to talk about their work, discuss current problems and promote new ideas. Anyone could bring up material they wanted to discuss, any topic on star clusters, the Galactic Centre or any other problems related to numerical dynamics were welcome.

History of the meeting dates back to 2004, when the first "Hoher List Observatory Meeting" was held. Since then, several more or less informal meetings in the spirit of lively discussions were held during the advent time – see the "History" page for the list (yet incomplete). Starting from year 2015, the meeting has been regularly hosted by the Astronomical Institute of Charles University.

From Sverre Aarseth N-body Meeting 2014 in Bonn
(photography credit to Jaroslav Haas)

the Scientific organizing committee:

František Dinnbier
Jaroslav Haas
Pavel Kroupa
Ladislav Šubr (chair)

For further practical information, please contact

the Local organizing committee:

František Dinnbier
Jaroslav Haas (chair)
+420 951 552 580 (office)
Ladislav Šubr
+420 951 552 584 (office)