The Sverre Aarseth N-body meeting is a traditional meeting of scientists studying the stellar dynamics and evolution in self-gravitating systems.

History of the meeting dates back to 2004, when the first "Hoher List Observatory Meeting" was held. Since then, several more or less informal meetings in the spirit of lively discussions were held during the advent time.

The tradition of the meeting is strongly linked to the Argelander Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn. Last year, however, it moved to Prague for the first time and it is our great pleasure to host the meeting this year as well. Having not decided consensually what is the ordinary number of the meeting, we refer to the previous one, announcing that


the (M+1)-st Aarseth N-body meeting will be held at the Astronomical Institute of Charles University
in Prague on December 12 – 15, 2016.


From Sverre Aarseth N-body Meeting 2014 in Bonn
(photography credit to Jaroslav Haas)

the Scientific organizing committee:

Jaroslav Haas
Pavel Kroupa
Ladislav Šubr (chair)


For further practical information, please contact

the Local organizing committee:

Jaroslav Haas (chair)
+420 951 552 580 (office)
Ladislav Šubr
+420 951 552 584 (office)